About us


BRISSK COLLECTION GmbH was founded by two young and creative founders who want to share their passion for design and streetwear with people.

The brand reflects the artistic vision and innovative spirit of its founders, who strive to create unique and vibrant designs. By connecting closely with their target audience, the founders strive to not only offer clothing, but also to create a community of people who share their creative energy and individual style.

The founders' personal touch is reflected not only in their streetwear designs, but also in their commitment to sustainability. This shared vision for fashion, creativity and environmental awareness shapes the identity of BRISSK COLLECTION GmbH and makes it more than just a clothing brand - a platform that inspires people to express themselves confidently while promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Overall, BRISSK COLLECTION GmbH embodies a fusion of lively streetwear with a clear focus on self-confidence and sustainability.